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    High quality lighting fixtures for home and office!

    The right lighting can completely change the atmosphere of a room. It can create a soft warmth for your family; establish a more welcoming ambiance for friends or guests; or even help bring furniture or décor together in whole new ways. Most importantly, it can enhance how you experience a space the moment you walk in.

    That’s why we here at DANDELION LIGHTING want to provide you with the most beautiful, elegant, and modern lighting options possible so you can create a stunning glow in an entryway, finish off a living room layout, or simply add gorgeous lighting to a dining area that makes it feel more inviting.

    In fact, we offer a wide selection of today’s most exciting light hanging options to suit every dining room, bedroom, entryway, staircase, and even kitchen area to ensure you get the best possible quality and design for your lifestyle.

    Our offerings even include:

    • Modern and Crystal-Style Chandeliers
    • Beautiful Hanging Pendant Lights
    • Soft Glowing Hanging Lights
    • Lamps and Decorative Lighting
    • Exclusive Lighting Options and Styles

    As a premier lighting company servicing the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia, we focus on providing you with the highest-quality chandeliers and pendant lights possible. And be it our bold, beautiful fixture styles or the elegant lighting that they produce, we’re excited to help you create the right look in every room.

    Classic, Modern, and Something for Everyone

    We know that no two rooms are supposed to have the same look or feel. Every home also has a specific design style that you want to capture from the moment you walk in the front door to the area where you sit, relax, and enjoy a delicious glass of wine.

    At DANDELION LIGHTING, we help you capture that through our one-of-a-kind, luxuriously amazing hanging chandeliers, vintage light fixtures, and circular pendants. Options include fun sputnik or crystal bubble designs; crystal raindrops; pure copper chandeliers; a love-shaped pendant light, and so many other great choices.

     Careful Packaging and Shipping

    Buying a large chandelier or overhead light online can feel overwhelming. Especially so if you’re worried about how it will get from our front door to yours. Rest assured we’ve been supporting internationally for many years, so we can get your chandelier to house quickly, safely, and with free worldwide delivery.

    Please allow us time to properly process, package, secure, and ship our crystal glass lighting to your home and we’ll ensure it gets there safely and efficiently. More importantly, we’ll include mounting hardware and easy-to-follow directions so that you, you spouse or even your friends can help you get it hung up quickly.

    Evolving Product Lines

    We’re always looking to provide you with beautiful lighting and fixtures that support the growth of your home and your family, which is why we’re always looking to add new options to our service offering. Check back regularly to see what’s new and find the perfect piece for your kitchen, dining room, foyer, sitting area, and home.

    All products are from our experienced designer and maker,we guarantee the quality and the supply of goods! 

    Dandelion Lighting is committed to serving you in the best way possible. our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team has easy access to all our products and will be happy to answer your questions regarding ordering, returns, shipping or any other information from our website.

    We are looking forward to hear your feedback and hope you will find your favorite light fixture and to order them from us ,we would enjoy the opportunity you give us to provide a beautiful lamp for your home.


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    Company Address: 20-22 rue Marius Aufan, Levallois-Perret, 92300 Levallois-Perret France( Not return address)

    If you detect possible infringement of your design registration by a competing product,please contact us immediately.